20/08/2022: the early years of depeche mode night

yesterday a friend and i went to a depeche mode event at a club. the club is pretty old and one of the last clubs that is focused on alternative music and also hosts goth events regularly left in the city. there is a bar, a roughly living room sized dancefloor and a small beackyard with metal chairs and tables where people go to smoke.

this scrap metal bat hangs over the dj booth.

i was a bit scared before we got there since almost half of the google reviews of the place mention the boucer being an asshole, but we ended up getting in fine. at first it was still pretty empty and a bit awkward so we went to the backyard and sat there for about twenty minutes.

around midnight it got more crowded and the music became dancier and we went on the dancefloor. the majority of the crowd was middle-aged people, a lot of goth band tshirts, two or three very well dressed people, a guy in suspenders whose dancing was and odd mix between rythmic stomping, the robot and pantomime dj motions, and a group of younger people who were really going hard, but i was to shy and also busy to talk to.

because of the small space full of people, the constant movement, and the excessive use of the fog machine (at some point i couldn't see my own knees) the air was very stuffy and we were very warm. to cool down we went to the backyard again a couple times and didn't drink anything from the bar, only tap water from the bathroom.

the painting hanging from the toilet ceiling:

we left around two in the morning because we were completely tired. we ended up missing our tram home and waited half an hour for the next one because we were to tired to walk.

all in all i had a really good, i still hope to find a place/event with more people my own age that like the kind of music i like.